‘time and tide have helped us gain the mastery to serve you with love and finesse.’

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Hotel Harbour View

Established formerly as a rest house for the distinguished Kerawala Family, Hotel Harbour View has witnessed the chiliad with Mumbai. It is housed in one of Mumbai’s Art Deco heritage buildings by the famous sea side of Apollo Bunder. This family getaway was then converted into a Guest House serving genteel visitors from around the world for over two decades and now it has been remodelled to echo Mumbai’s une histoire d’amour with Art Deco. The facades within and around always remind you with ebullience the chronicled past of Mumbai, whilst keeping it intimate and unpretentious. Harbour View is home to a 24 hour sea facing café, Bay View. It also offers airport pick up & drops, guided tours, room service and is equipped with the latest WiFi technology. We at Harbour View consider it our duty to cater to all your requirements for a comfortable and clean stay in the city. We would like our guests to remember Mumbai, through us and for us.

‘the bay is a water thief; always creeping upon you, but leaving you bereft like a lover.’

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Hotel Harbour View

& Suites

There is no other way to be in Mumbai, than to be near the sea. The engrossing chaos and the hypnotising colours of culture are superimposed against the cerulean backdrop. With each sea facing room, you have a heart rending canvas to admire with a modicum of abstract and contemporary prints. Much care has been taken to embellish the rooms with nuanced sophistication and contemporary elegance. The rooms cosset you with their calm and harmonious penchant for decor and upholstery giving you a restful sleep before you discover the city in another light.

7:00 AM to 1:30 AM


‘ Beyond the thalassic neighbourhood, your eyes will accumulate the busy streets, with tales and remnants of history and art furious and liminal all at once. Coffees and treats indulgent and unforgiving because they all make up the vicinal not just a page but a diary. ’

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Hotel Harbour View 

Check In – 02:00 PM
Check Out – 11:00 AM

Bayview Café  

Open – 07:00 AM
Close – 01:30 AM


25, PJ Ramchandani Marg,
Apollo Bunder, Colaba
Mumbai 400 001, India.

Contact - +912261192222